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Dick Entry for “Conservatives”

  1. Pointless and irrelevant bunch of chunts who still seem to think that if they pay a few media moguls it means they have a hope in hell of being elected. Like ever.

    Click below to tell Anne Widdecombe to SHUT UP

    by scott Online Now

    Added on Monday December 8th, 2003

  2. Dead parrot..

    by rangitoto

    Added on Saturday February 14th, 2004

  3. The BNP in suits

    by abeneplacito

    Added on Friday March 5th, 2004

  4. A British political party who believe in less State Intervention rather than more. Their thunder was somewhat stolen by New Labour who took over a lot of their ideas! Now have a new leader, Michael Howard, who seems to be revitalising the party.

    Added on Monday March 15th, 2004

  5. Ann Winterton... say no more..

    the party for Cheshire, surrey, kent, sussex and Hertfordshire...

    by rangitoto

    Added on Friday March 19th, 2004

  6. A party for the strictly non-political.

    Added on Monday July 25th, 2005


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