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Dick Entry for “Computing”

  1. I have no idea.

    Some company that I work for pays money into my bank account, and apparently this is because I work there.

    I won’t mention it too often. They might stop paying me this money.

    by robl

    Added on Saturday November 27th, 2004

  2. Strange weekly magazine.

    Used to be about 3 different magazines mostly funded by Job ads. Then all the jobs went away and they all merged into one magazine called Computing.

    It’s very thin these days, and dull, seems to consist mostly of public sector computing project cock-ups.

    In order to qualify to receive it, you have to complete a seemingly endless series of questions. I just lied and put down that I have command of a 7 million a year budget on printer toner and that seemed to work.

    by robl

    Added on Saturday November 27th, 2004

  3. Once you’re on the subscription list for this magazine you never escape. Tends to breed in pigeon-holes and on desks until thrown away en masse (still in its plastic wrapping). Only redeeming feature is the Dilbert cartoon and tales of how your tax is being squandered on yet another project involving EDS.

    by flux

    Added on Sunday August 21st, 2005


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