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Dick Entry for “Chariots of fire”

  1. One of the worst films ever made. About men who ran and ran and ran for their country...even though everyone hated the Jewish guy coz he was Jewish...and everyone hated the Scottish guy because he was a staunch Christian.

    I hate this film so much.

    And it has the WORST theme tune ever.

    by laurs_bobbins

    Added on Tuesday March 16th, 2004

  2. some of the actors were cute though.

    by rangitoto

    Added on Friday March 19th, 2004

  3. Hey, I liked the theme tune.

    The film is pants, though.

    Added on Monday October 25th, 2004

  4. A sauna burning down, shurely?

    Added on Monday June 20th, 2005

  5. The film that was so awful I walked out of the cinema after 5 minutes. My god what a bloody great let down of a movie.

    Added on Tuesday June 10th, 2008


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