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Dick Entry for “Cats”

  1. Small furry creatures that are entirely untrainable and fond of drilling

    by scott

    Added on Sunday June 20th, 2004

  2. Not dogs

    by anandamide

    Added on Tuesday July 20th, 2004

  3. dogs believe they’re human

    cat’s believe they’re GOD

    by rickyc-m

    Added on Thursday September 9th, 2004

  4. The Egyptians thought cats were gods and they haven’t forgotten it.

    by Plucker

    Added on Saturday January 15th, 2005

  5. purrrfect

    = (’.’)=

    by puddy_tat

    Added on Monday May 23rd, 2005

  6. The most autistic of animals apart from humans.

    by strepsilly

    Added on Friday May 5th, 2006

  7. Dogs have owners, Cats have servants

    by rangitoto

    Added on Monday June 18th, 2007


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