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Dick Entry for “Camping”

  1. spawn of evil

    by cynds

    Added on Saturday July 31st, 2004

  2. Sleeping in a field and pooing in a bucket.


    by Deev

    Added on Saturday September 11th, 2004

  3. Something we do often here on freakcity. Yay!

    by scott

    Added on Monday January 10th, 2005

  4. Going on the gay scene

    by chris

    Added on Sunday March 27th, 2005

  5. French for campsite. Which would explain why there’s a campsite in Croatia called Camping Polari. No, really.

    See Polari.

    by strepsilly

    Added on Friday May 5th, 2006

  6. A great way of spending a holiday, no longer a matter of pooing in a bucket. Most campsites have nice showers and toilet blocks. Modern tents are a lot easier to care for and can be quite inexpensive. Best of all the people who camp from Freakcity are all friendly and helpful.

    Added on Thursday October 4th, 2007


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