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Dick Entry for “Computers”

  1. Things that go “bleep” in SciFi movies. Usually have two huge and pointless tape spools on the top...

    by scott Online Now

    Added on Friday June 4th, 2004

  2. The Computer

    The Device sitting in front of you. You mainly Swear bad words at when it DoesnÆt Work,

    Does something completely different to what you want it to do.

    And Costs a fortune to get fixed.

    Note: Computers are like Expensive partners, There lethal to both your bank account and your Credit cards.

    by hitechguy18

    Added on Tuesday March 29th, 2005

  3. Fuckers.

    by moogal

    Added on Thursday June 23rd, 2005

  4. If you’re useing Windows this will crash riiiiiiight...... now. Buh bye!

    by user_name

    Added on Tuesday September 20th, 2005


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