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Dick Entry for “Chav”

  1. If your definition of a good time is putting on your best Burberry knockoff hat, fake Nike trainers and the entire of the Elizabeth Duke collection all at once, going out, buying some unidentified pills with smiley faces on with your dole money and then taking them whilst at home watching Trisha then you’re probably a chav.

    Or replace the pills with gin and you’re probably fruitbat

    Either way, you’ll end up with 6 children, a wife with unappealing tobacco breath and large gold hoopy earrings and a satellite dish bolted to the side of your council flat.

    See link below

    by scott

    Added on Monday January 10th, 2005

  2. An over-used last season word sometimes used by wannabee Trisha addicts who can’t quite give up their desire to be Lord/Lady Snooty.

    by stuartavfc

    Added on Sunday February 20th, 2005

  3. Council Housed And Violent

    Added on Sunday May 1st, 2005

  4. YUMMA

    by LennyMonster

    Added on Thursday May 5th, 2005

  5. Noun. A person of working class origin, generally poorly educated, often very casually dressed in sportswear. Derog.

    by DiZZY

    Added on Thursday June 9th, 2005

  6. Council Housing Association Vermin!

    by DiZZY

    Added on Thursday June 9th, 2005

  7. See also: ‘Chafe’

    Added on Wednesday June 15th, 2005


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