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Dick Entry for “Swan”

  1. Gay bar in East London, famous for its amateur strip night every Wednesday – tends to be a haunt of Scott’s as it’s 5 mins walk from his flat. Not a bad place, mixed crowd of young and old

    by scott

    Added on Sunday December 14th, 2003

  2. White bird with long neck. You get in trouble with the Queen if you kill one apparently. And if you feed them bread in the park, they are the most violent of the lot. Honest.

    by jimmyjames

    Added on Wednesday March 24th, 2004

  3. Can break your arm with their wing. A fact that everyone ever seems to know, but do you know anyone who has ever had their arm broken by a swan’s wing? Do you? No? I thought as much.

    by scott

    Added on Monday November 28th, 2005


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