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Dick Entry for “Scott”

  1. Fantastically friendly and helpful bloke

    by NotDan

    Added on Monday December 22nd, 2003

  2. Over uses the words “beautiful” and “amazing” when really he means: “utter wank”.

    cf. Donnie Darko.

    Added on Friday January 9th, 2004

  3. Surname of a blonde lovely whose first name was Serena. First came into our bleak little lives when she appeared on Breakfast Television with other notable celebrities of the day. Later went on to present The Clothes Show with Jeff Banks. Who is a short arse. Who also would not know clothes design if it came up to him, ripped his clothes off, gave him the best rodgering he’d ever had, doused itself in petrol, and set itself alight with the words, "Oi you short-arse git Banksy, I’m Clothes Design!"

    by Chewie

    Added on Saturday March 13th, 2004

  4. Someone from Scottland.

    by jimmyjames

    Added on Wednesday March 24th, 2004

  5. The poor guy that made this place and has to put up with all our complaining.

    by Swinkle

    Added on Friday April 16th, 2004

  6. death threat for no apparent reason

    by Cantus

    Added on Thursday May 6th, 2004

  7. Lurvely = D

    by abeneplacito

    Added on Thursday June 17th, 2004

  8. A little Plumb

    Just the way we like it : D!

    by Lloyd

    Added on Friday June 24th, 2005

  9. Someone who pokes me and calls me anorexic to boost my confidence ; )

    Someone who I, in return, call a walking lard cake : )

    by bingowings

    Added on Wednesday July 13th, 2005

  10. The epitome of sexual perfection, and my bride-to-be.

    by TheElusivePossom

    Added on Thursday December 1st, 2005

  11. A man who, if he spent less time chatting to sexy men online while procastinating in IRC and more time working on the fucking BETA version on this site we would have more bleeding members! GET TO WORK BITCH! *cracks whip*

    by Lloyd

    Added on Monday January 16th, 2006

  12. some fit lookin guy i got on my msn

    by Kylock

    Added on Friday January 27th, 2006

  13. Our lord and bend over...

    by MySound

    Added on Tuesday November 14th, 2006


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