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Dick Entry for “Spooning”

  1. The act of cuddling whilst lying facing in the same direction.

    The spooner is the rearmost of the pair. The spoonee is the receiver of the spoon.

    Positives for the spooner include having somewhere warm to park his winky. Negatives for the spooner can include ticklish back or neck hair making them want to sneeze and the danger of being splattered by flying faecal matter should the spoonee produce a wet fart.

    Positives for the spoonee inlcude having an arm clutched around you and a general sense of well-being and security. Neagtives for the spoonee include having the dead weight of an arm crushing your ribs when the spooner falls asleep mid-cuddle

    by Thirtyt

    Added on Tuesday July 3rd, 2007


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