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Dick Entry for “Swansea”

  1. My pretty, shitty city.

    by laurs_bobbins

    Added on Wednesday January 21st, 2004

  2. see also ‘Abertawe’

    by rangitoto

    Added on Thursday March 4th, 2004

  3. A rather nice city only famous for closed coal mines, the place where the M4 ends and where your driving licence goes to die

    by dolphinstar

    Added on Sunday May 8th, 2005

  4. Gayteway to the Gower

    by taxidriver

    Added on Wednesday September 27th, 2006

  5. Town Edward lied to Tubs about -"You lied Edward there is a Swansea"

    by rangitoto

    Added on Friday November 24th, 2006


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