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Dick Entry for “Smoking”


    by cynds

    Added on Thursday December 18th, 2003

  2. Bloody irritating – it stinks and makes it so I can’t bloody well breathe.

    by moogal

    Added on Monday December 22nd, 2003

  3. A necessary and inescapable habit once you become a student at NC.

    Added on Monday January 5th, 2004

  4. i’ve notcied all the fag butts around NC

    by cynds

    Added on Tuesday January 27th, 2004

  5. A major source of income to the Government through heavy taxes, but destructive to health and the environment.

    by peter

    Added on Thursday December 14th, 2006

  6. EVIL

    by MySound

    Added on Thursday December 28th, 2006


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