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Dick Entry for “Defenestration”

  1. Murdering someone by pushing them out fo a window. Nine out of ten people who know what this word means have read a book by David Eddings

    by NotDan

    Added on Tuesday December 16th, 2003

  2. The other tenth may know through academic studies, including, for example the Great Defenestration(s) of Prague.

    Also appears in the novel /Hannibal/

    by admcg

    Added on Monday December 22nd, 2003

  3. removing Windows from a PC in favour of something a little less crap

    by keybuk

    Added on Wednesday April 21st, 2004

  4. "Keep passing the open windows."

    by CelticLo

    Added on Friday June 4th, 2004

  5. Also a rather poor excuse for a “nu-metal” band from Wellingborough.

    by NormanFreeman

    Added on Thursday March 17th, 2005

  6. I knew what this was but haven’t read a book by whoever or done any academical stuff. I’m just clever, so ner.

    by moogal

    Added on Thursday June 23rd, 2005


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