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Dick Entry for “Donnie Darko”

  1. Awful film, critically acclaimed by gayers.

    #And I find it kinda funny...

    #I find it kinda sad...

    #that the films with hot boys dying...

    #are the favourite ones of fags...

    Added on Sunday January 4th, 2004

  2. Very very cool film starring a bloke called Jake Gyllenhaal – info about it can be found on its website, which was produced by the same amazing people who did the RequiemForADream website. Don’t really know how to explain the film, other than to say it’s amazingly good if a little confusing ; )

    by scott

    Added on Monday January 5th, 2004

  3. silly, daft and whats with the smurfs?

    by Cantus

    Added on Thursday May 6th, 2004

  4. Sends me drooling over Jake Gyllenhaal (but lose the chest hair), and going WTF at the ideas explored. Overall – loved it – loads. And yes, I’m a gayer 8-)

    by penwing

    Added on Tuesday October 19th, 2004

  5. I saw it before all the hype erupted, and loved it before I even knew it was a gay clichÚ.

    And I don’t fancy the bloke in it either.

    Added on Sunday October 24th, 2004

  6. Really interesting film, and made all the better coz I had to explain what happens to a 3rd year Media student who had seen it 3 times before!

    by laurs_bobbins

    Added on Monday January 31st, 2005


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