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Dick Entry for “Daily mail”

  1. Venomous evil poisoned rag written by people who should know better than to write the things they do, but instead think they know better than you how to run your life

    by scott

    Added on Tuesday December 16th, 2003

  2. Election flyer for the Conservatives

    by abeneplacito

    Added on Friday March 5th, 2004

  3. election Flyer for the BNP..

    not fit to wipe your arse on

    by rangitoto

    Added on Friday March 19th, 2004

  4. Often reffered to as ‘The Daily Hate Mail’

    Added on Monday August 23rd, 2004

  5. A charity newspaper formed to provide jobs for people with rabies.

    Added on Monday October 25th, 2004


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