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Dick Entry for “Pink Floyd”

  1. British band, Got together in the 60s after meeting at Cambridge. Spent all their grant money on musical equipment. Made a name for themselves because of their psychadelic shows, these were twinned with cutting edge light shows and the like. Made it big during the 70s. Sold more albums worldwide than any other band ever anywhere. The Dark Side of the Moon was in the American Album Chart top 100 for 2 weeks short of 14 years. They mostly managed this without writing crappy love songs either ; )

    Scott’s favourite band ever : D

    Scott’s brother went out with David_Gilmour’s daughter.

    The band once played in the living room of Scott’s first boyfriend’s parents in the 60s when they weren’t very good.

    by scott

    Added on Thursday March 10th, 2005


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