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Dick Entry for “Retro”

  1. Funky lil’ boozer for misfits. Location: 2 George Court, London – just off the Strand past Charing Cross. One of the licensees would be Wendy Has an upstairs bit too. Wednesday night is Kareoke: can be quite amusing.

    yeah right...

    by admcg

    Added on Monday December 8th, 2003

  2. OUT in real life.

    Added on Monday August 23rd, 2004

  3. Anything from a previous era that is considered cool to like by hip young things.

    People over the age of 30 should use the word ‘nostalgia’ instead.

    Added on Monday October 25th, 2004

  4. some pub, bar thingy near Embankment tube

    by rangitoto

    Added on Wednesday December 22nd, 2004

  5. A way of admitting new stuff is shit, by rebuilding the old stuff again...

    by rangitoto

    Added on Wednesday December 22nd, 2004


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