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Dick Entry for “Radio 4”

  1. One of the defining pillars of all that is right, proper, good and British. Also a rich source of news, chaotic live interviews, documentaries, annoying panel-games, screamingly funny comedies, the most ascerbic satire, all sorts of drama (original and adapted), serials, and more. Most importantly, the source of decent weather forecasts and Time itself!

    Added on Thursday June 9th, 2005

  2. Worth the licence fee by itself.

    by flux

    Added on Wednesday August 24th, 2005

  3. Attracts sycophants as listeners

    by Kittyflea

    Added on Friday December 9th, 2005

  4. that station where joan collins had an argument live on air

    by Kylock

    Added on Friday January 27th, 2006

  5. The most beautiful thing about middle-class England is Radio 4. Destined, alas, to be replaced by “rolling” news. Don’t you love that word? News only rolls if you’re creating or publishing it. Those of us who digest it want our news pretty much stationary, thank you very much.

    by strepsilly

    Added on Thursday May 4th, 2006


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