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Dick Entry for “Oyster card”

  1. Touch-card set to replace normal travelcards on the london underground. With train tickets priced at last year’s prices.

    Hightly proven to casue fits of joy to its First users

    “wow... Lloyd you have to try this! It’s better than sex!” – unnamed gay guy

    by Lloyd

    Added on Thursday October 21st, 2004

  2. Privacy destroying system that doesn’t work all that well anyways.

    Whaddya mean “why are you still on paper tickets, Owen?”? : )

    by Owen

    Added on Friday October 22nd, 2004

  3. Beats queing for a ticket.

    by taxidriver

    Added on Thursday December 30th, 2004

  4. easily confused form of control, (wot happens if you dont give your real address, or have two cards?)

    Added on Tuesday April 12th, 2005

  5. Wonderful, money-saving device that can’t be used on London’s suburban mainline rail network, thereby rendering it useless to almost all those living in South London YOU BASTARDS

    Added on Thursday January 5th, 2006

  6. A strange blue card that doesn’t taste like Oyster at all, and makes bus fares on some Red buses 80p but doesn’t work on Green, Blue & Yellow or the white swoopy ones.. Confused of Surrey :s

    by rangitoto

    Added on Thursday October 5th, 2006


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