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Dick Entry for “Zombies”

  1. Like monsters, only even more scary. They are undead muthafuckas who want to eat your brain!

    by laurs_bobbins

    Added on Thursday February 19th, 2004

  2. Some band that were quite good once...

    by scott

    Added on Saturday February 21st, 2004

  3. Brains, brains, brrrrraaaaiiinsss

    by CelticLo

    Added on Friday June 4th, 2004

  4. All the above, and also vaudeville review entertainers. Apparently...

    Added on Monday October 25th, 2004

  5. Zombies were doped with Tetrodotoxin (TTX) derived from Puffa Fish (a delicacy in Japan, eat carefully), TTX is also used for treating Prostate Cancer, something to do with Sodium Channels.

    by taxidriver

    Added on Friday January 14th, 2005


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