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Dick Entry for “Trains”

  1. Big late things that have a habit of annoying me. Once on them, it’s all lovely and good and sweetness and light, but that’s only the nice ones.

    Frequently seen falling off rails and upsetting people in well off bits of the UK that aren’t used to it. Bless

    “Engineering Excellence” obviously means something else when you’re a multi billion pound corporation ; )

    by scott

    Added on Monday December 8th, 2003

  2. General waste of good road-building land/car parking in cities/time

    Added on Wednesday December 17th, 2003

  3. invested by the British... perfected by the French and Japanese....

    Even India and Mali Railways look good compared to ours.

    by rangitoto

    Added on Thursday March 4th, 2004

  4. best place for graffiti

    by anticon

    Added on Monday March 29th, 2004

  5. The safest form of transport in the UK

    by salopian

    Added on Sunday June 6th, 2004

  6. The word Train comes from an ancient British word which means Delay. Resurrected by British Rail to keep people happy.

    by chris

    Added on Sunday March 27th, 2005


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