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Dick Entry for “Ultraviolet”

  1. Shockingly excellent one-off Channel 4 series, somehow combining a cop show with (a modernisation of) vampire myth. Almost, but not quite, entirely unlike Buffy.

    by keybuk

    Added on Monday January 12th, 2004

  2. hum, jack davenport....

    by admcg

    Added on Sunday January 18th, 2004

  3. You are not authorised to know this.

    by penwing

    Added on Tuesday October 19th, 2004

  4. A recent-ish Bananarama album

    by dolphinstar

    Added on Wednesday February 23rd, 2005

  5. Electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength shorter than that of visible light.

    by flux

    Added on Monday August 22nd, 2005


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