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Dick Entry for “Gin (with tonic”

  1. OK, it’s an Abigails party cliche, but it tastes so good

    Added on Monday January 19th, 2004

  2. I only drink it to stop from getting malaria. Lots of mosquitos breed on the Thames, dontchaknow; ask any Elizabethan.

    by Owen

    Added on Wednesday February 4th, 2004

  3. “little top up”.

    "That’ll keep the mosquitos at bay there"

    by rangitoto

    Added on Friday March 19th, 2004

  4. Best drink EVER.

    by jimmyjames

    Added on Wednesday March 24th, 2004

  5. should be Hendricks, Tanqueray, or BombSaph

    by admcg

    Added on Friday April 2nd, 2004

  6. Vitamins G and T.

    Should be taken daily.

    by CelticLo

    Added on Friday June 4th, 2004

  7. Whilst I can’t knock the G&T and find said delicious I think I should warn that to be protected from malaria by the quinine in a G&T one needs to drink enough to incurr liver failure. At least if you mix your G&Ts properly

    by Gatrell

    Added on Monday January 10th, 2005

  8. If the good Lord himself had a preferred drink (and was old-school colonial english bloke with handlebar-style moustache), it is widely accepted that it would be G&T...with Lime – none none of your Lemon rubbish.

    Added on Monday March 28th, 2005

  9. Makes a summer’s day civilised.

    by flux

    Added on Sunday August 21st, 2005


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