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Dick Entry for “Eggy”

  1. Everything that is right with the world, especially Easter. “Eggy” to egg, meaning, to be fine/well/not bad.

    by MySound

    Added on Friday November 10th, 2006

  2. The Religion of the Impossibly Stupid. These legions loyal to the God Eggus and the Holy Prophet St. Cadbury are alleged to share just one brain cell between them. (Although this is under debate as many single celled organisms which, when subjected to study have shown themselves to be vastly more intelligent). It is not known where this religion found it’s routes, but we all live in hope that someday a cure can be found for the debilitating stupidity that their form of worship brings on.

    by mogwai

    Added on Wednesday February 21st, 2007

  3. Sworn enemy of the mogwai.

    by MySound

    Added on Wednesday February 21st, 2007


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