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Dick Entry for “Alcohol”

  1. popular drug treasured for its ability to make the imbiber gracefully acorabatic, hugely witty, astonishingly attractive, and breathtakingly wise.

    Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to addiction, poverty and, most worryingly, G-A-Y.

    by anandamide

    Added on Tuesday July 20th, 2004

  2. Can be used as a direct replacement for blood in case i have an accident.

    by Fetters

    Added on Saturday December 24th, 2005

  3. In order to avoid the painful post-consumption experience the following steps should be taken:

    1. Eat a large and starchy meal when you come home after your night of boozing.

    2. Drink as much water as you can before your stomach feels it will explode.

    3. Drink less.....? (No, don’t bother)

    by Prune

    Added on Thursday February 23rd, 2006


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