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Dick Entry for “Absinthe”

  1. Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder.

    by taxidriver

    Added on Sunday January 9th, 2005

  2. “The Green Fairy”.

    by taxidriver

    Added on Sunday January 9th, 2005

  3. Drink that makes you crawl around the floor banging it with your hands because “it sounds nice”.

    by Plucker

    Added on Sunday January 30th, 2005

  4. Three bored prostitutes in Paris.. Get really really pissed on Absinthe.. They pass out and wake up next day to see hundreds of motorbikes in the garden..

    One says “Oh God ..what did we do last night??” Another replies.. "Oh dont worry.. didnt you know that... Absinthe makes the tarts grow Hondas..."

    by Mhunky

    Added on Tuesday February 21st, 2006


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