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Dick Entry for “Nutmeg”

  1. warm, aromatic spice used in a large number of Chrismas dishes and drinks, and available for sprinkling on beverages at Starbucks.

    by anandamide

    Added on Tuesday July 20th, 2004

  2. Powerful psychoactive whose effects include auditory, visual and spatial hallucinations, extreme lethargy, and a short-term memory which would make even the most extreme pot-head look like the World Memory Champion 1999. Raw material for Ecstasy.

    by anandamide

    Added on Tuesday July 20th, 2004

  3. Very nice on custard pies.

    Added on Thursday October 28th, 2004

  4. Grenada’s main export

    by rangitoto

    Added on Wednesday December 22nd, 2004

  5. Great (or grate) on home-made rice pudding......yummy!

    by dolphinstar

    Added on Sunday May 29th, 2005


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