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Dick Entry for “Blair”

  1. Blair, Tony:- British PM from 1998-nuclear holocaust (next June)

    by bingowings

    Added on Sunday September 5th, 2004

  2. Cnut of the highest order. Thatcher in drag.

    by Plucker

    Added on Sunday January 30th, 2005

  3. Became PM without bingowings noticing for a whole year.

    by flux

    Added on Sunday August 21st, 2005

  4. Idiot.

    by user_name

    Added on Thursday September 22nd, 2005

  5. Thatchers brain in new bodywork!

    by rangitoto

    Added on Sunday August 13th, 2006

  6. Poodle.

    by MySound

    Added on Tuesday November 14th, 2006


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