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It would be so nice

Sunday March 18th, 2007 at 17:38pm

Well after not having a holiday* in 2006 (yes I actually used most of my work holday time but stayed home) I’ve decided to try and get away this year. So I’m off to Cornwall for a week in May and Spain in October. I’d almost decided to stay home again for the week in May but decided a change of scenery wouldn’t do any harm and I haven’t been to Cornwall for about 20 years. Work seems to be throwing money at me at the moment, barely a month goes past that I haven’t had some sort of bonus (last time I had a ‘flat rate’ payslip was November) or a pay rise (another 3% from 1 April). Not that I’m complaining : D Big bro has decided to get married for the second time in September, currently scheduled for the day after my birthday. His new partner is lovely and I know they’ll be very happy. *except one weekend at Shell camping

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