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So, what’s been going on?

Sunday April 22nd, 2007 at 22:18pm

Not a huge amount, is the answer. My health is ticking along relatively acceptably. I’ve had no major flare-ups since my last report, happily, though I’m definitely still bleeding internally. (And, thus, avoiding tea, chocolate and dairy. Le sigh.) I’m really hoping that my appointment on Wednesday will be able to shed some light on the issue. I should add that it’s possible that I’ll end up being hospitalised on Wednesday, so that they can pump steroids directly into my veins. It’s unlikely, I suspect, as currently I’m not nearly so unwell as I was when I was last admitted, but I thought I should mention the possibility, just in case. Had a very pleasant Tuesday catching up with David, and I tried out the recipe for the Tokyo Beef I’d eaten at Maelstrom. The beef was gorgeous, but I’m not sure I’d got the Tokyo quite right – David and I both agree that the best thing to do is try making it again! I’m wondering if I should try using a little less soy and/or rice wine, and a little more oyster sauce. (It’d help if I knew the first thing about rice wine – the bottle I’ve got looks fairly decent, but I’m hardly a connoisseur, being a teetotal Englishman… ; ) Went to my Improv group’s show on Friday, and mostly enjoyed it a lot. Most of the games worked pretty well, though the organiser needs to work quite hard on not being tedious. Daleks in Manhattan was largely very cool, though I found the music very intrusive. And Russell T Davies deserves a great big slap for authorising that Radio Times cover, especially considering how he’s gone on and on and on in DWM about the evils of spoilers!

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