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begone! Freakcity — This is a local website for local people. There’s nothing for you here. Well, unless you’re a) a bit gay, b) a bit of a freak or c) don’t mind hanging out with them.

The internet is lost to the advertisers. Everyone wants your money, we just want your love. And your soul. (but hey, we’re cheap...)

Do you dread waking up after the night before to find your mother has liked whatever the hell it was you thought sensible to post at 2am? Are you fed up with ancient schoolfriends demanding you grow them vegetables on the internet? What the hell is BranchOut anyway? Do you have an urge to do something online without everyone noticing? Do you have a soul?

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FC Dick Words of the Day

Random word plucked from the ärse of the dïck every day for your amusement


Slowly splaying your fingers across someone’s knee. On some people, this has no effect what so ever, but some people just melt when you do it to them.



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